Anything for a Smile Association has had ongoing projects to benefit Syrian refugees in the southern border areas with Turkey since 2012.  Starting with basics like food, clothing, and basic household supplies for the refugee families who were living in tents by the side of the road, we expanded in 2015 to include school supplies and equipment for schools serving Syrian children.

Official government permission was given for our school projects in 2016.  Books, clothing, and food supplies are collected and distributed to the orphan children in these schools, which are often located in slum areas of the city and are overcrowded.

One of the main needs of the schools is to have a safe haven for the refugee children, a quiet place where they can study or play. To fulfill this need, we are currently setting up educational playrooms within the schools where small groups of children can do art work, read books, play with legos, puzzles or other creative and educational toys. We cooperate with likeminded individuals and groups to accomplish this. Our first Safe Haven Project was completed in July 2016, and we hope to do several more in the fall of 2016.

  • Ramadan Distribution 2016, Adana
  • Child refugees working in a garage
  • Heater for refugee child
  • Ramadan Distribution 2016
  • Ramadan Distribution 2016, Emma, Imisaba and friends
  • Inge with victim of barrel bomb
  • Inge at refugee home with no doors
  • Volunteers Inge and Duygu
  • Volunteer Karol distributing to orphans
  • Orphan child with gifts
  • Distribution for Syrian orphans
  • Orphan children, Adana
  • “Safe Haven” Educational Playroom
  • Neslihan at refugee camp in Gaziantep
  • Volunteer Angela - wall mural at Syrian school
  • Wall mural with a message!
  • Generation Freedom school on Syrian border
  • Presents for refugee children who excelled in their studies
  • Generation Freedom School, Reyhanli
  • Songs with Generation Freedom children, Reyhanli
  • Refugees living on the side of the road, Adana

Medical Homes for Refugee Children 

In 2018 we opened two homes for Syrian refugees with urgent medical situations. Adana has a new hospital that provides service for 16,000 patients per day. Urgent cases from Syria are immediately sent here. With the nature of their condition some need to visit the hospital daily.

​We have found mothers, fathers, even grandmothers with a child sleeping in a park near the hospital where their child was receiving daily treatment. The patient and the accompanying person often don't have the finances to pay for hotels or any accommodation whilst their loved ones are being treated in hospital. With our medical homes, many refugees now have a roof over their heads and free utilities. 

  • Medical Homes for Children
  • Medical Homes for Children
  • Medical Homes for Children
  • Art Therapy for Children
  • Medical Homes for Children
  • Medical Homes for Children
  • Our Men's Medical Home
  • Medical Homes for Children
  • Medical Homes for Children
  • Medical Homes for Children
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